Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the News....."

"Ive got a bad a case of....." Oh wait, I think that's probably a pre-existing condition...

Let me start by saying that recent violence at Healthcare meetings don't surprise me at all. Ever since, I don't know, the American Revolution, people have been one political move away from having an Angela Bassett, Waiting to Exhale (burning the BMW) meets Madea chainsawing a living room full of furniture (Diary of Mad Black Woman) moment. Actually, it's a little refreshing to see people getting a little bit (well...very) rowdy over things that actually MATTER in this country. So at least instead of people throwing a fit over Mike Vick or the Real Housewives of Atlanta, we can take to the streets, and porches, and buses and water coolers and talk about why people can work 2 jobs and not be able to go to the doctor. Real talk.

And while being a black woman in the south who eats fried chicken and watermelon (you know that's all we eat ;-) at least bi-monthly renders me a walking health hazard, the real problem lies in the way that we view underprivileged folks in our society as not only economic burdens but also as social lepors. The numerous complaints made by the average town hall meeting attendee (as reported by the "liberal" media- if they were really that liberal, I'm sure we wouldn't seeing as much coverage of the town mob meetings and subsequent backlash against the president's plan) can be summed up as this " I don't wanna be paying for poor folks and illegals Mr. Obama. Before you know it we'll be Russia!"(Not only is this person probably on medicaid (government sponsored program), I'm sure Russia would be embarrassed by this comparison considering the current state of affairs). Huh? Ignorance strikes again! As we resort to irrational, often violent measures to stop the "socialization" of healthcare; the fight is truly making us look like a 3rd world country than anything. It's really about the condition of our hearts than anything. Not the physical condition but rather the moral condition. We're more worried about the bureaucracy of healthcare than administering healthcare. Some uninsured man just died of heart failure while some snobby college student from Colorado was challenging Obama to an Oxford style debate. Some wealthy (insured) family is pissed that they'll have to pay into a system where their undocumented nanny could get a checkup ( GASP! We don't even report her in our taxes!). Talk about congestive HEART failure. More like a failure to see the POINT in reform and townhalls!

It's true we won't get it all right in one fell swoop, but doing nothing, is just as ineffective as screaming at the top of your lungs at your congressman in the local community center having little or no correct information to support your tirade.

As Paul Begala explains (in the most logical thing I've read regarding healthcare lately) (Click the link); getting there (100% satisfaction) is not the point entirely, moving from where we are (much lower level of satisfaction) IS. But then, out of the ashes of weeks of back and forth comes. this EPIC DISAPPOINTMENT. Sadly, even with the radical change that America has pursued in electing the first lack president, we may end up living in an incrementalist hell hole until re-election comes around (Don't believe me? Don't know what an incrementalist hell is? Read for yourself (Story from Five Thirty-Eight). For now, it seems, that we are in the middle, wedged between Popularity and Progress. ( Click the link .) Promises and Politics. (Click the Link).Which we choose will say as much about as the journey that we have taken thus far. You already know where my vote is cast....

HEALTHCARE!! You mad?? I mean, REALLY, REALLY pissed? Good. You should be. :-)


Uninsured blogger.

**Fine print: Jonae Wartel does not endorse nor encourage excessive, ignorant, violent rabble rousing at Town Hall meetings but whole heartedly supports the people's right to righteously protest in an informed, productive manner. Except for cases in which the latter does not work. In this event, she supports a modified form of the former. Pre existing conditions still apply in all 50 states, at least for now :-) **

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