Saturday, August 8, 2009

23 is the NEW 40

Before, you think to yourself, "Oh, she's got the title backward." Follow me for just a minute. You always hear on the pop-culture/self-absorbed older women circuit, "Girl, 40 is the new 20!!". But lets take it back just a few years. Did you ever play dress up when you were a kid? It's silly, I know, but the concept is quite a metaphor for this day and age. As we witness the proverbial changing of the guards in our music, culture and politics (from dudes like Paul McCartney and Ronald Regan to dudes like Barack Obama and young "rapppers" whose songs are accompanied by ridiculous dances), I'd like to take an opportunity to remind you (as if some self-righteous politico/activist wearing box rimmed glasses and a Barack Obama t-shirt hasn't already)..." We are the future, and the future is NOW!" 23 year olds are running companies, launching magazines and clothing lines, even organizing communities and winning elections. Stuff we normally reserve for people TWICE that age. As quoted in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, "we are never too young or too old to become what where supposed to be." 23 being the new 40 doesn't just mean that young people are playing dress up trying to be older, or getting Botox or buying luxury SUV's or shopping at Talbots (Eeeew!). It signifies that young people, while constantly doubted and discounted, are rising to the challenge like never before. Converse is the new business loafer, and the mohawk is the new Jason Priestly (you'd have to know a little something about haircuts to get that one). It's not like the world is being turned on its head though. We've just realized that age is not necessarily equivalent to skill or talent but CAN BE indicative of experience. According to Aaliyah, it was just a number. Yup, young folks. Coming to a high-level position and a corner office near you:-) It all reminds me of the reason why I started this blog, The STANDard It sprung out of and was inspired by every extraordinary young person that I've ever met. Good friends and brief acquaintaces. Current world changes in their respective corners of the earth. People for whom age is not a variable or ingredient in changing the world. Folks who were tired of what was being said about their generation. I applaud them.

There's yet another spin on the title. At 23 years old (Happy Belated Birthday to me), I have the tremendous honor and blessing of working on the Stacy Evans for GA House District 40 race as campaign manager. Yay! I am so excited about the opportunity to work with such a great candidate in state that I love and call home. I'm excited to be working with finance, field, PR and much more.

So, for those of you desiring silly insights in to my personal life, I've started this new thing recently. I began doning a giant pair of square rimmed glasses. One catch, they're lensless. Kinda Kanye West meets Thurgood Marshall. I actually got them when seeing Ice-Age 3D with my summer camp kids and in efforts to make them REALLY SERIOUS, popped out the 3D lenses. While they are way oversized, Ive been told on numerous occasions that I could "pull them off" and that I "look astute" (whatever that means). I like them because they are my sarcastic jab at adulthood and school of people who sit around and think all day; my rebuttal to the idea that glasses actually make you look smarter. But really, it's just the attempt to gain just a little footing in the world of "I made it!" adults all while building a bridge between them, and those of us who are trying our damnest to get there.

Eye Wear from the serious minds of our Time (If you know how I feel about Kanye West, you know I'm only half serious):

Kids, respect your elders. Elders, respect your kids. Either way, word to your mother. :-)

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Channing said...

Jonae, I love this blog post. It is so true how much our generation is stepping up to the challenge, even though we are often told the opposite. I applaud you for getting your 23 on with betta be a campaign manager! I'm so proud to call you my sister!

Work black rimmed lensless glasses, wooooork!