Monday, January 5, 2009

E= MC Meathead??

First Post of 09!! Whoo!! I pledge that this will be a year chalk full of insight, humor, sarcasm and convoluted ideas expressed in run-on sentences. :-)

Ok, so Remember those meatheads that you hated in high school and college?? The kind that could crush cans with their heads.? The ones that you weren't sure could read, but positive that they could count sets of reps at the gym? Well, in many distant years of retrospect, I've to KINDA come to understand. No, I haven't become a gym buff, but the last couple weeks during which I have gone back to the gym and gone to see Cirque de Soleil (fantastic show!!), I have realized a couple general and specific things about the human mind, body and will.

For the few days that I have worked with a personal trainer, he has been like a life coach. Though he brings me to tears almost regularly, I really have to will myself through all of the stuff that he makes me do. The workout, once my body is physically tired, becomes a test of the will of my mind connecting to the strength of my body. The meat head pumping iron next to me might be experiencing the very same thing (doubtful). The circus act contortionist that bends herself to her limits does her job by bringing her body under the submission of her mind. Once you have experienced the limits of the human body and the will to push past these limits, you are unstoppable. :-)

Sometimes, when I was organizing, I felt the very same way. Organizing flexed, strained and strengthened every muscle in my body. My RFD (Regional Field Director) was kind of like my personal trainer. He didn't care if my muscles were sore. He didn't care if it took everything I had to get to where I was going.....he still expected and demanded it. Seemed harsh at times, but in my post-organizing life, as those muscles heal, it's was all for the good. I didn't always hit it out of the park, but I'm more toned than I have ever been. I've learned how far that I can go. No excuses can be made for not exceeding this height.

I'm not saying that everyone should run out to the gym or join the Circus and exhaust every ounce of physical strength in order to create the change that the world needs. The realization is this: Our bodies are instruments of our will. So if we want to loose weight, change the world, or champion a dear cause, the first task that we must undertake is connecting our ideas, with our will to get them accomplished and force our bodies and minds to rise to the occasions.

The STANDard here? Bring our bodies and wills into alignment. Not the cult-like kind. But truly, align them with the purposes of our lives.

So, to truly walk out this principle in my own life, I've decided to train for a marathon. No. Really. Don't laugh. I think 2009 is the year to set my sights on something higher. Its not about the phyiscal race that I will be running either. It's about the will that it will take to get there. So, join me on this journey of self-discovery.

Lastly, turn your attention to these Good Reads courtesy of Huffington Post:

To the Shock in Awe of Absolutely None.....except MAYBE 5 people.

Read the update from FOX. Is that supposed to be some type of apology!?!? They could have kept that. Geez.

1) I Love it 2) Do you think that they can provide Obama organizer supporter housing?? LOL.

Aside from being humored by the though of a Republican diaspora out of DC and surrounding areas, I think this truly shows up the divisive nature of the party. It's back to an US and them type of thinking that has gotten us so far. Hmmm. White flight anyone? "They" are coming for Inauguration so "We" have to leave! They might as well have pasted the sound bite of Saxby Chambliss calling us the "other folks" on the RNC website. I mean, where, exactly, are these people going?? To a place where Barack Obama won't be the 44th President of the US? I hear Iraq is taking visitors.

Good Strategy Dude. Good Strategy.

The most clear and decisive step in diplomacy for the Bush administration.

Classic HATERation

I bet Ann Coulter would not say this to Michelle's face, because my money is on Michelle.

**Sorry that all of my news clips alluded to how childish, simple-minded and divisive republicans can be. :-(There's always next time.

Personal Notes: 1) Jonae needs a hustle and quick. Idealism does not pay the bills. 2) I wish that we could skip all of the jazz of the next 2 weeks and skip straight to D.C and Inauguration....sigh.

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