Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DC Bound!!: Chaos and History

With the exception of Atlanta, D.C is one of my absolute FAVORITE cities in the world. It's the nation's summit: a mixture of everything that's awesome and everything that sucks and needs to be changed about the US. The poverty that plagues many of its natives, in stark contrast with the promise of its rich history. Regardless of its flaws, I cannot wait to be huddled together with people that I love and care about, around the Capitol for what surely be the defining moment of my life and my generation: Barack Hussein being sworn in as the 44th president of the United States of America.

I'm anticipating more things than I can handle honestly. Among them are:

1) Frigid Temperatures. Can we say thermal underwear?

2) Random people screaming "Obamaaaaaaa!!" and engendering spurts of loud the streets.

3) Scared Police. Really scared.

4) An assortment of furs that span the animal kingdom and makes PETA hang their heads in shame

5) Streets lined with cars where people have taken refuge, having no hotel accommodations or supporter housing

6) Numerous folks who will not remember this weekend due to heavy intoxication.

7) AT LEAST a handful of arrests for public drunkenness

8) Lastly, individual moments when the true magnitude of what is happening this weekend will hit people, resulting, likely, in tears.

So, how will all of this CHAOS turn into history?? Much like everything else does I suppose. Like the riots in the streets of LA and South Africa turned the tide of change and put power in the hands of the people, if only for a moment. But these moments are crystallized and cannot be stolen from the people who were there. Though we still have a long way to walk on this path of "liberty and justice for all" I will take heart in knowing that the steps that will be taken by one man, will be many steps taken for us all.


Bush to the First in a Trilogy of Dr. Seuss Books....or have someone write them for him.

First Sarah Palin, now this. Is the GOP trying to pull the wool over our eyes or is someone in need of a ghetto pass??


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