Thursday, December 18, 2008

Really World?

Drawing the world's/ limited readership's attention to the day's/ few day's revelations:

(1) EVERYONE in Cobb is NOT a Republican. Brace yourself.
I as at Comp USA getting one of the many computers that I managed to ruin over the course of the campaign diagnosed, when I ran into a young white man who, by my expertise of having lived in Cobb for quite some time, looked like a Republican. I thought he may have given me issues when handling my Obama shrine of a computer, but as I was leaving, we told me that I might want to hang on the HOPE sticker on the top, because it was pretty valuable. That just about made my year :-)

Of course that enlightened moment of stereotype-shattering clarity was soon followed by reminder that the world still needs to get its act together.

Rick Warren and Barack Obama cannot share the same stage, because that often recited vow of "reaching across the aisle" that has become a nauseating buzz word this campaign season would actaully become a reality. . Read the article.

My take: Really, I think this whole fuss makes the Progressives look silly. In my opinion, when you wear the label progressive, you are taking some ideological and even ACTUAL steps toward making the world a more tolerable place....or not. That means that even leaders of powerful churches and and President -elects with controversial pastors, should be able to break bread at the same table, right?

Obama is not BLACK enough, at least for some people.

Perhaps they should, instead of showing his face (which may
be more black or white depending on the season of the year) at press conferences, the AP (who decided to break this amazingly relevant story....I hear the economy is looking up....not) should instead insert this patriotic sticker in it's place. Country first. :-)

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