Sunday, March 1, 2009

West Wing Report Card

Battling House and Senate Republicans. Retaining a Gangster Press Secretary and Chief of Staff as well as some of the most talented minds of our generation. Closing Gitmo. Passing a stimulus bill. Wow. Amazing stuff. All apart of the checklist of President Obama. My president. And yours too, whether you like it or not. I realize that I don't blog a whole lot about the administration, (I usually leave the dragging out of every single minute and move of the administration to some other talking heads who get paid to do it), but the way I figure, these incredible feats are apart of the way of world now. The world that we voted to remake on Nov. 4th. Really, I just makes me so happy to know that the 3 and 4 year olds that I work with are being raised in the reality of the future and not the complete drudgery of recent years past.

So, more than a month has passed since Inauguration and by my arbitrary standard, it's time for a little performance evaluation on the leader of the free world:

It's the Economy, STUPID: B+ Perhaps the most help that George Bush offered to the ailing economy was admitting that we are in a recession. President Obama has taken bold steps, ones that have been criticized as being too aggressive. The absence of which would have made him seem weak. Double-edged sword anyone? God forbid a president actually DO something in a crisis. Still, I think that both parties have made this all much more difficult than it needs to be. The economy, ladies and gentlemen, sucks. We cannot, as President Obama says, apply this, "do nothing, let people continue to suffer and the market will regulate itself" mentality to the issues that we are having. And for those whining "the stimulus bill is too much government spending" type politicians who are, let's face it, mainly Republicans, I say this "No one was whining about excessive government spending when we were engaging in an illegal war"

"Reaching across the Aisle:" B If you'll indulge me for a minute, I promise that I won't use this phrase ever again. Pinky swear. This is one of those areas where the President has caught a lot of flack. House and Senate Republicans are constantly barking into the microphone about how partisan Obama is. How he is breaking his campaign promise to work with members of both parties. Newsflash: Barack Obama is a DEMOCRAT. As in, member of the Democratic party. And not only is he one....HE RAN FOR PRESIDENT as one. Having said that, there's only so much negotiation that he can do before he pulls rank.

But in the midst of bi-partisan confusion, you can count on good-ole Rahm Emmanuel to reach across the aisle and slap just about every Republican that he can:
(Read the article link)

Overall Presidential Swag: A++ I recommend the appointment of swag bearers to the Presidential cabinet. Because really, any man who merely intends to give a speech to a joint congress on the state of the nation, with a few ambassadors and Supreme court justices in attendance and ends up coming out looking like a rock star should have a few folks charged to guard his swagger. His entrance made the halls of a government chamber look like a party that you wished you were invited to. :-) All he needed were screaming Beatles fans!

Combatting domestic cells of HATERATION: A I have sufficient evidence and intelligence to suggest that there are Republicans harboring domestic cells of hate. They mostly circulate in their bodies, eating away at their sense of decency and compassion like a cancerous red-cell, white cell war. Ocassionally they manifest themselves in the form of an Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh, who, in my opinion, are a cancer to conservative credibility. They wholeheartedly refute the idea that one can disagree without being disagreeable. And it's funny really, because so many people criticized Barack Obama for being such a celebrity during the election, but look at the talking heads that they have allowed to be the spokespersons for their party?! After listening to Rush Limbaugh's speech, it occured to me that he and his followers might need some things to do besides lampooning the president. I would suggest the following:

1) An indepth report on the history of America and class warfare.
2) A book report on the life and times of Hitler
3) A Venn Diagram on the simularities of Saturday's speech and the most rousing one by Hitler.
4) A mixtape highlighting the FACTUAL STATEMENTS made by Limbaugh, Coulter and Glenn Beck. The estimated length is about 15 seconds.

Or, at no additional charge:

The stuff that they really should be worried about if they want to have a shot in 2012
(Read the article link)

Gitmo? Get out.: A President Obama can say, "unequivocally" according to his most recent address, that the United States does not torture. Keeping a campaign promise!! Woot woot! I am pleased with that. Now, what to do with all of those detainees? Release them on the grounds of the CPAC Convention maybe? LOL. Next line of torture to address, most programs on Fox News!! LOL. One day at a time.

Being a better President than George Bush: A+ The use of complete, complex sentences with multi-syllabic words, puts him head and shoulders above GW. Aside from that, there's something about the restoration of confidence in a President, both domestically and abroad, that will take us further than we thought.

So all things considered, the challenges behind him and the challenges ahead of him (there are more of one than the other), I'd say that our President is doing rather well. Wouldn't you?

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